The 2nd Annual Amor Village Children’s Party

12440434_10153697052116488_6436531073929362761_oThe second annual Children’s Party is here – December 26, 2016! We are requesting you to send candy and balloons from YOUR part of the world! 

In Tororo and other rural communities of Uganda, during any gatherings or celebrations that include feasting, children are hardly considered. They are actually not invited but in most cases they will show up and in BIG numbers. Adults are served food and drinks first, and the children are considered last. If there’s any food left for them, they have to struggle to get a share.

The Amor Village Children’s Party therefore is a celebration for children, strictly – ages 3 to 15. Last year, with support from various individuals from across the globe, we fed over 400 children from Amor village and from the surrounding villages. Candies and balloons came from Australia, Europe, the United States and from Uganda! Financial donations from various individuals helped us buy food and drinks, hire brass band, hire public address system and facilitate several fun competitions among the children.

To support this project this year, please send candy, balloons, clothes, shoes… to

The Amor Village Children’s Party
C/O Beatrice Achieng Nas
P.O.Box 28643,
Zip code: 256,
East Africa.

To feed 400+ children, hiring brass band and facilitating the fun competitions, we will need $784 USD. You can donate to feed and entertain the children through the Donate page.

If you would like to take part in this in any way, including physically participating on December 26, please let us know. Thank you for your consideration!