2021 Annual Report

Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation (PCE Foundation) is a Ugandan national rural development and empowerment NGO (REG No MIA/NB/2012/01/2824) founded in 2011 to empower rural communities through dynamic but simple programs that directly involve and benefit community members, especially women, girls and children. We are currently operating in rural communities of the Tororo, Butaleja and recently extended our services to Jinja districts, Eastern Uganda.

Key Information you need to know about our work


Before we take you through our achievements, milestones and hurdles, I would like to share with you key information about our work. The Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation (PCEF) began operations by helping local girls go to school, with the long term aim of increasing the capacity of local families to support the education of their children. Since then, PCEF has worked continuously with the communities through various projects that include education, livelihood, agriculture, preventive health care support and cultural exchange. Through these initiatives we have had strong support from the local communities. 

PCEF’s focus is on capacity building in and for rural communities, especially the education and empowerment of women, girls and children. Our organization’s emphasis is on community participation and leadership that helps community members work together, own their achievements, and sustain positive change. PCEF is disability inclusive, and embraces community-driven solutions to community challenges. These values foster the implementation of relevant, need-based, and sustainable projects. 

PCEF is funded primarily through individual donations, and has partnerships with organizations in the United States and in Europe that facilitate tax refundable donations to donors on PCEF’s behalf. These organizations are:

  • A More Balanced World, a USA-based 501(c)(3) organization formed to assist promising, yet economically disadvantaged, students of the world in the achievement of their maximum potential, by providing them with the means to pursue education and develop a greater capacity to meet their individual goals.
  • Hans-Joachim Herrmann Stiftung, a hospice and education oriented NGO in Germany which facilitates donations in Germany and gives administrative support to the local team.
  • Respectief Foundation NL, which facilitates donations from the Netherlands and supports various projects.

We also receive funding from The Christian African Relief Trust charity and the Kitchen Table Charity Trust. 


We would like to thank all our supporters. PCE Foundation has pushed through all these years because of the support of all of you, our dedicated supporters. We appreciate the individual donors, Charitable Trusts, the Advisory Board, volunteers, dedicated staff, our beneficiaries and the supportive communities we operate in. You are all our stakeholders and each one of you has played an important role in our progress and growth this far. 

We began the year on a sad note. We lost our community mobilizer Owere Anthony, a very swift and committed beneficiary parent who was very dedicated in community mobilization since 2012. We are very grateful to him for his dedicated  services. As an honor, we are educating 7 of his 11 children, for there is no one standing in the gap for this family.

The passing on of one of our core supporters, Oliver Weis, was another piece of sad news. Oliver sponsored 3 young men whose dreams were similar to his career as an electrical engineer. Oliver was a very calm and kind man who did not just send school fees but was directly in touch with the three boys, mentoring them to grow up as responsible men.

Executive Summary 

Thank you so much for taking your time to read our reports, yet another commitment you offer to us. This report is covering our programs, projects, activities, and achievements as well as the challenges we encountered from January to December 2021.

 We would like to let you know that through our sponsorship program, we have supported 447 students since the year 2012. Out of these, 144 have built careers in different fields; the majority are working while some are now housewives and having their own children.

In the year 2021, we supported 303 students in various schools and institutions of learning. Our support was also extended to people who were ill or living with disabilities. One young lady, Phoebe, fell off a mango tree in June 2018 while collecting firewood and suffered a spinal injury. We built her a house and continue to meet her medical and feeding expenses.  Joseph and Emmanuel are boys with hearing disabilities (deaf and mute) attending a special school, while Matthew, a young man with 3rd degree burns who lost his fingers is studying at Portland School. Charles, who was born without one leg and missing toes and fingers, received a new prosthesis. We are also supporting orphans and the education of vulnerable young people. All the students are doing their best in the different schools and are excelling in their academics.

PCE Foundation built schools (Nursery, Primary and High school) in Amor village in order to benefit more students within the community, instead of taking relatively few students to city schools. The schools are giving quality education despite their struggles in providing all the necessary resources to the learners.

The year 2021 was a political year due to the presidential election and general election of the country’s top political leadership. There was fear and tension throughout the country. Social media was banned and Facebook was completely banned. It was a challenge communicating to our supporters and donors who use social media. It is still a challenge accessing those who use Facebook.

PCE Foundation renewed its work permit this year with the National NGO Bureau.  This permit allows us to execute projects in Butaleja, Jinja and Tororo districts for a period of five (5) years. Jinja is our newest project location, we officially launched our presence in Jinja this year. Our interventions in Jinja communities are geared towards vocational skills training programs.

We recently received funding from Christian African Relief Trust for Portland School’s banana, chicken and cattle project aimed at feeding and generating income for Portland schools. The on-going beekeeping project is gaining ground at Portland schools.

Over 1000 children benefited from our health intervention of de-worming, clothes and shoes. Over 1000 families received food donations. Foodstuffs to starving families, clothing, shoes and masks were among the donations we received and distributed to different families and communities.

We thank God that COVID-19 did not take any of our beneficiaries. We pray that your families and loved ones were and are not affected by this disastrous disease. 

As an organization, we struggle with very limited resources to meet the endless demands of our core programs. We look forward to narrowing down to a more manageable number of activities and beneficiaries. We ask you to stay in the boat with us. We understand you have your own struggles too but your support with any amount of donation and/or time spent spreading information about our work to those within your reach is so much appreciated.

We hope the year 2021 ended well for you. PCE Foundation closes each year with a celebration of our annual achievements. Our 9th year celebration went well in a small gathering with our beneficiaries. 

Detailed Report

Once again allow me thank you all for your dedicated support for all we do here at the grassroots. COVID-19 has of course not left us the same but we are grateful that even amidst your own struggles, you continued  supporting our work!

Portland Schools 

A quick reminder that Portland Nursery and Primary school began in 2013 after the people of Amor village witnessed the powerful impact of education on their daughters and sons who were in boarding schools in the city. After only one year of their sponsorship, they were glowing, confident, motivated and more focused. They demanded a school for their little ones by 2023; and actually ended up building two small mud huts and made the use of a mango tree to start the school. Then came the birth of Portland Nursery and Primary school. 

The school aims to develop each child as an individual; physically, academically, socially, and emotionally, by providing a happy, secure, practical, and stimulating environment where each child feels valued. Portland High school came about due to increasing fees in the city schools along with unmatched sponsorship needs that made everything become unaffordable. We decided to refocus our efforts from the Amor Village Community Center and Library to a high school. Portland High School aims at becoming a model Community school with a student-centered environment, a bridge connecting students to other students, and students to teachers, staff and administrators. 

These schools have strong connections to the community and reflect its unique heritage and tradition of progress. As an organization we try our best to feed the learners well, pay the staff, and meet the administrative and infrastructure costs with the support from you, our donors, along with the small amounts parents are able to pay.

Academic performance at Portland Schools is great; the schools rank among the top ten schools in Tororo district.  Schools re-opened in February for all classes following the closure due to COVID-19. The schools reopening was a short notice declaration by the government, so many schools were not prepared at all. Deanna I and Kathryn G donated food for the first two months. It really would not have been easy without their support. Jackie B also donated a water tank and a rainwater harvest system for Portland Primary school. 

The schools use this water for washing hands and for general cleaning. The Christian African Relief Trust charity donated funds to invest in bananas, chickens and cattle for Portland Primary and High School for food and income, helping it move towards becoming  a self-sustaining school. Robin and Geoff H provided a water irrigation system for the farm, which helps the schools carry on with farming throughout the year. Pauline O donates drugs to Portland clinics every quarter since 2020.  The Portland Schools received a donation of 6 solar batteries from Ellen S, Krystina K, Lorraine S, and Samantha B. These were sorely needed, as the previous batteries were worn out, which led to blackouts. Fifteen (15) bunkbeds were donated for the boarding students by Ellen S, and Lindsey and Ted C.

One of the nurses we educated – who is currently employed in a busy private clinic – donates her free time to reach out to Portland students, teaching them about personal hygiene, sex education and COVID-19. She has created a big impact not just as a role model, but also by helping young people, especially girls, understand their bodies and lives in general.

The RGCM project

Throughout the year, we kept looking for sponsors for those students without them. We have secured sponsors for 18 students, of which two were university students, four were in primary school, twelve were in secondary school. 

We are so glad to inform you that nine (9) nurses we have been sponsoring for the past 9 years have completed their final examinations. They are now just waiting to graduate and get certified. Many thanks to all the sponsors who have walked this long journey with us! It surely isn’t easy to help someone to the realization of their dreams – you all are amazing people making a huge difference in lives today and for generations to come. All together we have educated and are educating 34 nurses. In 2021 we supported 303 students in various schools and institutions of learning.  Most of these do not have sponsors. We appreciate you for standing in the gap for us whenever we ask for your support.

Farm Projects

We recently received funding from Christian African Relief Trust for Portland Schools banana, chicken and cattle project intended to feed the schools and to generate income for Portland schools. The schools are directly in charge of the farm projects.

Our School Beekeeping project is picking up! We acquired 20 more colonized hives, thanks to Robin and Geoff H and Terre B. All together we now have 66 beehives which are all colonized. Our aim is to have 600 hives within a period of 5 years. We hope to re-invest from the current investment for sustainable growth and development. 

We received a variety of flower seeds from the UK, these are mostly for feeding the bees. We also received tomatoes and pumpkin seeds from Australia, and several herbs from the US. Many thanks Pauline O, Victoria O, Linda C, and Julie K!

The Bakery Income Project in Jinja

Picking up from our 2020 annual report, the Dancing Heart K Bakery, Café and Shopping Center Project in Buwenda is an income and skills training center. The project started from the acquisition of the business house to the official launch of its operation in Jinja.  We are so lucky to have amazing donors who sacrifice so much to see us push through toward  sustainability. We received a business loan from Karen B which purchased the business house, furnished and also purchased all the shop equipment and supplies plus some of the bakery and cafe equipment. We also received a grant from the Kitchen Table Charity Trust which helped in acquiring more equipment, furniture and supplies for the bakery. We are already into the journey of sustainability.

For the bakery, we acquired a bigger dough mixer of 25kg and a generator for use during blackouts. Through the support and donations from Alison H, Ellen S, Haidee W, Julie K, Karen B, Lindsey & Ted C, Lorraine S, Max Y, Nancy W,  Patrick S, PJ, Robin H, Samantha B, Shelby Y, Sumru E, Tammy K, and Terre B! we were able to acquire these items. 

Our interventions in Jinja communities are geared towards vocational skills training programs such as bakery and cookery skills, salon, computer, carpentry, and decorations. We acquired an examination center for vocational skills training programs with the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT), making our location in Jinja a valid vocational training center.

Community Interventions

We are open to emergency community interventions throughout the year(s) because we understand the urgency of the needs.  We give relief aid support to children in need, vulnerable families and communities. We reached out to 3,813 people with face masks, foodstuff, clothing, shoes, bedding, and utensils among others.

The beneficiaries were without bedding or proper housing, living in empty rooms without food. These items were donated by Alison H, Andrea L, Anita B, Ann & Christopher Fielden Charitable Trust, Barbara R, Christa L, Ellen and Geno S, Geoff H, Aimee K, Asmund K, Ellen S, Garry C, Haidee W, Helene O, Jeremy C, Julie K, Joyce F, Karen B, Kathryn G, Kelly T, Krystina K, Lindsey C, Lisa B, Lorraine S, Marga D, Max Y, Nancy W, Nat G, Natasha S, Nina H, Patti H, PJ, Robin H, Samantha B, Shelby Y, Susie S, Sumru E, Tammy K, Ted C, Terre B, Veeda, AMBW and the individual child sponsors who generously donated to support this mission.

Eight (8) houses were constructed in different communities for widows and helpless people whose houses were falling apart. Donations for the housing projects came from Veeda and her children Keithan and Keisha, and Helene F. Picking up from Phoebe’s story in our February update; Phoebe is now fully settled in her new house. This house was financed by Eva H, and from my birthday donations from Karen B, Nina H, PJ, Robin H, Rita R, Samantha B, Pauline O, Rebecca H, Ellen S, Angela C, and Mandy F.  

Khatijah B and her husband Abdallah from Singapore purchased 202 moon cups/menstrual cups for the rural girls. Khatijah asked us about the most urgent needs of the rural girls and if the moon cups would be of help, we said YES and they acted immediately. The menstrual cups saved girls the cost of buying sanitary towels periodically, something that they hardly can afford. 

We are also helping  women and out-of-school youths to acquire small businesses so that they can support their families. Two women who were abandoned by their husbands are currently running Food stalls, two women are trading in  second-hand clothing, two young women are running a salon jointly, another woman abandoned by her husband is also running a salon, a young man is selling used shoes and clothes, a young woman is trading in metallic suitcases and another is  running a clinic. These efforts have been supported by Justine W, Patti H, Kirsty. Krystina and Asmund K, Allison R, Naomi, and Lorraine S. 

The Future for Us

We continue to survive the impact of COVID-19. Thank you so much for generously walking this journey with us; without your TRUST in us and the tireless support you give, we couldn’t have survived this far. We are grateful to you!

As we continue to plan for sustainable projects in order to reduce donor dependency, we hope that you will keep walking this journey with us. We are still surrounded by so many community needs. Some of our current and projected needs for the next 2 years include: 

  • A classroom block for Portland High School – 10 rooms including Library and Laboratories. Currently they are using the community library as classrooms.  
  • Ten toilet cubicles for Portland Primary school, as what they currently have is falling apart.
  • Sponsors for vulnerable students on a rolling basis; we still have many students without sponsors. 
  • Relief Support funds for food and treatment of extremely needy people in our supported communities
  • Empowering vulnerable women with small businesses. 

Financial Report January to December 2021

We are grateful to all you who donate to support our work, without which we could not achieve anything. We appreciate your continued and dedicated team support!

Below is our financial Report:


IncomeUSD rate @ 3550Euro rate @ 3990UGX Rate @ 1
Bf as per December 31, 202087.01 77.41 308,898.05 
A More Balanced World USA134,191.00 476,378,050.00 
Hans-Joachim Hermann Germany 20,615.50 82,255,845.00 
Stiftelern Tryg 977.00 3,898,230.00 
Christian Afric6,899.00  24,491,450.00 
Stichting Res Jo KCBUGHO 503.00 2,006,970.00 
Khatijah Begum916.00  3,251,800.00 
Carole Howlet 1,053.00  4,201,470.00 
Msolnerve 190.50 760,095.00 
Portland Nursery and Primary School  11,468,400.00 
Portland High School  7,856,000.00 
PCE Foundation Parent’s Contribution  725,000.00 
Bakery Income and Contributions19,310,300.00
TOTAL INCOME IN UGX  636,912,508.05 
2021 ExpendituresAmount (UGX)
Direct Projects Expenses 
School fees expenses
Construction classrooms, dormitories and latrines393,995,180.00 
Public Relations/Media1,640,000.00 
Transport Expenses/purchase of 2 motorcycles33,980,000.00 
Medical expenses2,250,600.00 
Supplementary Feeding Portland Schools3,654,000.00 
Outreach program8,855,500.00 
Bakery Expenses14,796,120.00 
Consultancy Fee1,580,000.00 
Bank Charges5,338,495.30 
Office Expense4,110,032.00 
Administrative Expenses
General Maintenance11,090,000.00 
BANK BALANCES as of December 31, 2021Amount
EURO 2512.83 
USD     0014.42 
B/F UGX AS @DECEMBER 31, 202151,180.15 

Management Team

PCE Foundation is continuously expanding at the grassroots on a voluntary basis. Both PCEF volunteers and Portland schools staff and the administrators are compensated with stipends on a monthly basis.  Basic support is necessary because of family needs and demands. Together, there are 48 volunteers supporting different projects and programs, including website management as listed in the last page of this report.

Since our founding, PCE Foundation has been run by a wonderful group of dedicated volunteers. The following people are the core volunteer management team behind its operations and success:

  • Adam M
  • Augustine O
  • Beatrice AN
  • Brenda T
  • Cecilia A
  • Centurio O
  • Charles O
  • Constance A
  • Deborah K
  • Emmanuel O
  • Esther N
  • Federika A
  • Florence B
  • Fred M
  • Gabriel J
  • George W
  • Jacoh O
  • James M
  • Jane A
  • Jane R N
  • Joana D
  • John O
  • Joseph M
  • Joseph N
  • Josephine A
  • Judith N
  • Lucy N
  • Madooba E
  • Margret A
  • Mary A
  • Mary SA
  • Matayo T
  • Nathan I
  • Nociata A
  • Norah C A
  • Patrick S
  • Peter N
  • Richard A
  • Richard O
  • Scovia K
  • Silva A
  • Simon E
  • Solofia A
  • Stanlus O
  • Stella A
  • Ted & Lindsey C
  • Valentino O
  • Veronica A
  • Wilberforce O
  • Yacobo O

Thank you so much once again for taking your time to read our report and for supporting our community interventions! 

Looking forward to your feedback, recommendations and referrals!

A Happy, Healthy and Harmonious new year 2022!