Dancing Heart Bakery

Dancing Heart K’ Bakery is a self-sustaining income generating and skills training program located in Buwenda, Jinja.  It started operation in April 2021 with support and donations from Mrs. Karen Bentlage who invested in the premise and equipment, and the Kitchen Table Charities Trust who donated materials, equipment and furniture. Like any other new income project, we have worked hard to push it as a business amidst the challenges and lessons learned.  Since its inception, the bakery has trained 33 young people and has contributed to the feeding and administrative needs of Portland Nursery, Primary and High schools to the tune of 11,396,000 UGX ($2,990 USD). 

The long term vision for this bakery is scaling up in a new location to focus strictly on massive production and sales.  The Buwenda facility will continue to be used for training and moderate production. The reason for scaling up is to be able to raise more money to support both the training aspect of the bakery and to provide funding for some of Portland schools’ most urgent needs.