Advisory Board


Advisory Board 2023/2026

From the beginning, PCE Foundation has been mentored, monitored and supported by visionaries from across the globe, and their knowledge and skills have greatly benefited the program. As of November 2016, we have formed a new Board of Directors based in Uganda. With a deep understanding of the culture and needs of the people. We appreciate the outgoing advisory team of 2016 -2023. They did a tremendous job helping PCEF grow with impact. The new Advisory Board is set to uphold, guide and elevate our next growth for the next three years (2023 – 2026).

Ahumuza Caroline Careen

Ahumuza Caroline Careen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning. She is sole proprietor of a business within the city of Jinja for a period of 10years, throughout the period of 10years, it has been a cycle of metamorphosis for the growth of her business from personnel saving. By practice she has learnt financial disciplines which she desires to pass on to others, women mostly, her passion is empowering grass root women in financial literacy by providing financial advice so as to help them maximize the capital from savings, that goes into startups of small businesses including financial planning, budgeting, accounting, taxation, investment strategies, and risk management and knowledge regarding to asset allocation.

Anyango patience

Anyango patience is working with Bible Truth Leader’s Training College Uganda as chief accountant. She is a BBA graduate from Kampala University and a MBA from Makerere University. She is bringing along a vast experience in accounting and finance which she has practiced and loves practicing for the rest of her life. “PCEF Accounting and Accountability will be guided and supported throughout my tenure.”she says.

Grace Ikirimat O

Grace Ikirimat O is passionate about supporting sustainable and robust community development in Uganda. She is a dedicated advocate for gender equity in local communities. She met Beatrice in 2010 at World pulse and was immediately drawn to the shared passion of girls’ empowerment and maintained a connection. She is currently the founder of Alias- Women Roots-AWOR Organization in Uganda, a nonprofit ganization in Uganda. Grace works with communities to promote gender equality and empowering young women empowering them to increase access to sexual reproductive health and GBV services, economic empowerment for women, mentorship for young girls and networking.  She is ardent about girls’ education as an approach that can sustainably empower the girls and the entire community.

Grace has also been part of advocacy campaigns that have yielded great results; designed the sexual health improvement project model that has reduced teenage pregnancy in schools it was implemented; she has also continued to connect a number of girls to support that has enabled them complete school; partnered in economic empowerment for women with disability in West Nile region.

Grace is a MPA and Masters of Demography graduate from the UMI and Makerere University respectively. She has vast experience in youth and women empowerment and mentoring in gender equality where she has worked in the United nations, government and civil society. Grace brings a mix of ideas that will blend with the team thus making valuable contribution in serving in the Board of PCE.

Alowo Catherine 

Alowo Catherine acquired her diploma award in clinical medicine and community health from International Health Sciences University as well as a certificate from Africa Forum for Research and Education (AFREhealth) in health on strengthening interprofessional education to improve HIV care across Africa. She is currently working as a Medical Clinical Officer and an Occupational Health Professional at Work Health Consult Ltd. In her experience of work, health is not merely the absence of disease but rather having a just society with social conditions in place where the most vulnerable persons are not left behind. Growing up in an impoverished community where, early marriage is seen as a big source of wealth, access to education was a nightmare. However, through Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation her initially impossible dream was made a reality which has made her very passionate about motivating the young girls and women to realize their self-worth and know that it is never too late for any dream.

Scovia Akoth Kagulo

Scovia brings a wealth of practical knowledge, with personal experience of the difficulties girls face in obtaining higher education. She speaks English, Swahili and Dhupadhola, and has served as a trained team leader with UWESO Savings and Loans Association since 2006. She is also trained as a Village Health Team Leader (VHT) in a program developed by the District Health Office (a government initiative). Under the VHT program, she received training in nutrition in November 2011, child protection training under the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) project (another government initiative) in 2013, and training in Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD), which was organized by the Uganda Ministry of Health in Kisoko sub-county in 2013. Additional training includes Open Circle Workshop Life Skills organized by PCE Foundation in May 2014, and Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) organized by Ministry of Health in Kisoko sub-county 2014.  Scovia is very passionate about women empowerment, and the social, economic and political well-being of women in rural Uganda.

Beatrice Keronga

Beatrice earned a diploma in Human Resource Management from Makerere University Business School (2001/2003), a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from Makerere University in Kampala (2004/2007), and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Uganda Management Institute in 2012. She earned a certificate in Gender Based Violence from the Global Human Rights Leadership Training Institute of the Human Rights Development International in Nigeria in 2013, and in 2014, completed a Human Rights-Based Approach foundation course from People4Change by the MS TCDC near Arusha, Tanzania in collaboration with The Network University. Her past work experience includes working in Italy’s AVSI in the area of Finance and Administration; serving as Administrator of the Companionship of Works Association (COWA); as an Accounts Executive for the Italian Embassy, and back again to AVSI as Program Officer in the SCORE Project (a USAID funded program). She is currently working in Zambia with the Ministry of Community Development Mother and Child as a Community Mobiliser and Motivator, promoting Women’s Rights under the Actionaid People for Change Program. She is the financial advisor to Acres of Hope Uganda, as well as a founder-member of Across Africa Peace Mediators.

Beatrice Nas Achieng 

Ms. Beatrice Nas Achieng is the Executive Director and Founder of PCE Foundation. She holds a BS Degree in Information Technology(currently undertaking Master of Business Administration) from Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, as well as certifications in Leading and Influencing with Impact, Satellite and Internet Delivery of Communications; Project Management; Monitoring and Evaluation; and HIV Prevention Strategies, Counseling and Testing.   In 2013, she was a Leadership and Management Scholar at Wellesley Centers for Women, Wellesley College, specializing in gender and women’s’ issues.   She is also a global voice for the grassroots women at World Pulse where she has been associated with some of the most influential organizations in the United States that support women empowerment, including the White House Council for Women and Girls, Bioneers Conference, and Intel (10×10) among others.   Her experiences growing up in a poor rural village and the difficulties she encountered while trying to complete her own education prompted her to establish the PCE Foundation.   She believes that everyone has the potential to live a better life if given the opportunity and access to a good education.