A More Balanced World


A More Balanced World is founded on the belief that there is an imbalance in terms of educational possibilities for the children of privilege and those of the impoverished, and a great desire among many people of means to help the less fortunate. With the strong conviction that awareness and education are keys to self-sufficiency, human dignity, and a better future, we opt for the long term solution of supporting children in their educational goals, rather than other temporary ‘fixes’.

A More Balanced World will target the areas of the world, where due to lack of sufficient means and material, parents and/or schools are unable to provide an adequate level of education to the children. To make contact with the target beneficiaries, the organization will establish affiliates within local communities to help identify the eligible students and coordinate distribution of funds and donated material. The organization may also leverage relationships with existing entities with established networks and infrastructure within many communities around the globe, for distribution of its services.

If your company would like to partner with us, send us a message using our Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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