Management Team

PCE Foundation is a young but steadily growing national NGO registered in Uganda. We operate in the rural communities of Tororo and Buteleja districts of Eastern Uganda. The members of our management team facilitate and advocate for our many projects.

Uganda Team

Ms. Beatrice Nas Achieng, Executive Director and Founder of PCE Foundation

Beatrice holds a BS Degree in Information Technology from Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, as well as certifications in Satellite and Internet Delivery of Communications; Project Management; Monitoring and Evaluation; and HIV Prevention Strategies, Counseling and Testing.   In 2013, she was a Leadership and Management Scholar at Wellesley Centers for Women, Wellesley College, specializing in gender and women’s’ issues.   She is also a global voice for the grassroots women at World Pulse where she has been associated with some of the most influential organizations in the United States that support women empowerment, including the White House Council for Women and Girls, Bioneers Conference, and Intel (10×10) among others.   Her experiences growing up in a poor rural village and the difficulties she encountered while trying to complete her own education prompted her to establish the PCE Foundation.   She believes that everyone has the potential to live a better life if given the opportunity and access to a good education.

Mrs. Josephine Apio, Finance and Welfare Manager

Josephine has over 8 years of experience in social work, and in finance and administration.  From personal experience, she understands the difficulties girls face in obtaining an education, and is passionate about her work with the PCE Foundation. She is a happy mother of four, and is determined to give her children the best education she can.

Mr. Francis Owere, Grants and Projects Development Manager

Francis holds a BA Degree in Community-Based Rehabilitation, and for the past four years has had practical involvement in monitoring and evaluation of various organizations. He has in-depth knowledge and experience in resource mobilization and management. Francis believes that women drive change!

Mrs. Connie Abiyo, Social Worker (Counselor)

Connie has done community work for over 9 years, and she is passionate about youth empowerment as well as parenting. She wants to help parents understand and care for their children’s well-being and education.

Mr. Joseph Njwaya, Community Coordinator

Joseph has a diploma in Education, and represents the parents of the children we support.  He is living with HIV/AIDS and is always willing to talk about HIV/AIDS to the rural communities in an effort to help them understand the risks and the importance of testing and prevention.

Mr. Anthony Owere, Community Mobilizer

Anthony is a primary point of contact between the PCE Foundation and the rural community. Despite his lack of formal education, he is passionate about the PCE programs, and excels at getting people within the community involved.

International Team

Ms. Aimee Knight, Social Media & Sponsorship Assistant