What We Do

PCE’s focus is on capacity building in and for rural communities, especially the education and empowerment of vulnerable girls, women and children.

Our organization’s emphasis is on community participation and leadership which helps community members work together, “own” the achievements facilitated by our programs, and sustain positive change. We are disability inclusive.

Our Vision is to have empowered communities that can take charge of their own development.

Our Mission is to enhance knowledge and skills within rural communities and to promote the exchange of information and best practices through education, mentorship, advocacy and strategic partnerships for social, cultural and economic development. We seek to break the cycle of poverty and empower communities to take charge of their own development.

Our major development objectives include:

  • To increase enrollment of girls in secondary and tertiary education and through that to cultivate leadership and empower youth in rural Uganda.
  • To increase crop production and promote agricultural best practices.
  • To promote savings and an entrepreneurship so as to reduce donor dependency.
  • To promote skills education (particularly equal access for girls) in rural Ugandan communities, including entrepreneurship, vocational skills training, cultural exchange and mentorship engagements.
  • Promote health education, with a focus on sex education, HIV/AIDS, and reproductive health.
  • To promote cultural exchange and diversity locally and internationally.

We organize and oversee a diverse collection of projects in the service of this goal, including the following:

  • Portland Nursery and Primary School & Sponsorship Program – A local school founded by the families of Amor Village in order to provide an education to their young children without the need for them to walk miles to the nearest school or live away from their families. Similar to the RGCM program, we connect the children of the village with sponsors around the works who provide mentorship and support for their education.
  • Farming Assistance – By bringing modern techniques and equipment to rural community gardens, we are helping to sustainably increase harvest yields and ensure food security throughout the year.
  • Rural Peer Savings and Loans – A microloan program used to fund small businesses that support children going to school and help communities grow.
  • Health – An initiative to improve health in rural communities through preventive care and education.
  • Mentor Overseas Outreach and Cultural Exchange – We facilitate opportunities for visiting mentors and donors to experience Ugandan culture, the country’s natural beauty, and everyday life in the communities with whom we work.