Sponsorship and Cultural Exchange Program

The idea that a high school or college level student connects directly with their sponsor to receive support beyond educational funding has always been a core value of the PCE Foundation sponsorship program. These  young people grow up with so many challenges and traumas, and are also vulnerable in terms of their life choices and decisions. A sponsor has the opportunity to interact with them via emails and video calls to provide advice and to nurture their visions for a brighter future.  We believe this model helps both the young people and their sponsors get a better understanding of the world. 

From 2012 to early 2024, we have matched 449 young women and 55 young men with sponsors who have had direct contact with them. The majority of these are now career women and men with degrees, diplomas and certificates in different fields, including social workers, teachers, administrators, nurses, a medical doctor, plumbers, garment makers, and beauticians among others. Some are still pursuing their studies  in Portland schools, colleges and universities. 

As of early 2024, out of the 223 students in Portland Nursery and Primary School, 42 are fortunate enough to have sponsors, while another 58 are badly in need of sponsorship due to severe poverty and the loss of one or both parents due to AIDS.  Tuition for the remaining students is paid by their families. 

Portland High School has 21 sponsored students and 53 vulnerable students studying without sponsors, with the remaining 54 paying full tuition.  

There are also 13 college level students in need of sponsors, most of whom should be joining colleges and universities in August 2024. 

If you support our vision of affordable, local education and mentorship of young people of rural Uganda, please consider making a donation or becoming a sponsor!  

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