September Update


Girls ready for school this term

The new term is here and the girls and their families are very excited about their return to boarding school and the continuation of their education. They are the lucky ones – rather than walking long distances to local schools or being married off at a young age, these girls have legitimate hopes for a far brighter future. Many thanks to all our donors and mentors for your support!

Over the last three years, the girls have studied hard to improve their knowledge and grades. Change has happened in the villages as well, where their parents are now planting a wider variety of crops such as sukumawiki (similar to collard greens), corn, sesame, beans, beetroot and cabbage.

We are grateful for all the assistance received from PCE Foundation’s supporters and mentors, and would like to offer an extra thank you to the following individuals this quarter:

  • Melinda Naderi, who generously provided funding for approximately 460 pineapple seedlings. The seedlings will be purchased and planted as soon as we receive the funds from the Global Development Group.
  • Shelby Young, who donates funds monthly to help support our administrative work and actively supports proposal writing and PCE Foundation organization documents.
  • Nigel Koolik who helps with proposals and documents as well, and donated funds to support several girls in different schools this term.
  • Ted and Lindsey Copeland for their efforts in the design and continuous improvement of the website.
  • Nancy Wendel for extending support to an additional girl who has no mentor and sponsor this term.
  • Rita Reutner, who coordinates the funds in the EU region and who has lobbied for support for the RGCM Uganda project. Just a few days ago, she was given a check by the “Creativity, Action, Service” Project of the International School Neustadt (ISN). This donation is enough to support two girls in school for an entire year!

Our target for the remainder of this year is to find sponsors for all the girls currently looking for mentors. If groups of people, want to team up to mentor a girl, we are happy to accommodate that as well. We appreciate your continued support! Without you, we could never have begun to reach our goals.