New Partnership with ChanCes Charity in Australia

Since October 2016, We have been looking for an organization in Australia who would work in partnership with us, not only as a fiscal sponsor, but, who share our vision/mission, just like we operate with other partners in Europe and the United States.

In the United States, our supporters are able to donate through A More Balanced World, which transfers donated funds to our bank account at no cost to us. They provide the tax refund benefit to our donors, and also sponsor some of our students.

In Europe, the Hans-Joachim Herrmann Stiftung handles the European funds transfer and tax refund receipts, at no cost. They also sponsor students through our organization, and make annual donations to support students without sponsors.

This week, we began a partnership with ChanCes Charity to support us and our Australian donors in the same way. We count this as a great achievement because of the vision shared by our organizations and the kind support that they offer us.

Josephine, the founder of ChanCes Charity, visited with PCE Foundation in November 2016 and interacted with some of our students.


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