July 2021 Update

Dear our Friends and supporters,

It is one month since I wrote to you about total lockdown in Uganda, requesting for your relief support for starving and impoverished communities. We hope you and your loved ones are safe. We try to keep safe here. 

Before I break the news about YOUR support to the communities down here, I would like to bring to your attention that people are dying of not just covid-19 but also starvation, HIV/AIDS and other illnesses. Treatment is a constant struggle, as people at the grassroots would rather spend every penny within their means to buy food than to buy medicines. 

In just one month we have distributed food and detergent to 370 households and 1,052 masks to the communities in Tororo and Jinja districts. All together we have reached over 2,900 people with relief aid!

We are very grateful to Alison H, Andrea L, Anita B, Ann & Christopher Fielden Charitable Trust, Barbara R, Christa L, Ellen and Geno S, Geoff and Robin H, Haidee W, Helene O, Julie K, Karen B, Kirsty MC, Lindsey and Ted C, Max Y, Nancy W, Natasha S, Nina H, Samantha B, Shelby Y, Sumru E, Tammy K, Veeda, AMBW and the individual child sponsors who generously donated to support this mission. We received USD $4,033.20 for relief aid.

Your giving was a miracle to each family who has received the packages.

We will give the last batch of foodstuffs, soap and masks next week. This is not because we are DONE with reaching out to people but is because the supply will be finished.

Allow me to thank Lindsey V, Lorraine S, Michelle D, PJ, and Robin H, who contributed for us to get an iPhone recently. We urgently needed it for documentary purposes. It will allow us to remotely give you a tour of our supported communities!

The 42-day lockdown ends on July 30, 2021 but no one knows if it will be the end of the road for the suffering to get back on their feet to fend their families. From the look of things, we may not come out of this struggle soon because the third wave of covid-19 is already knocking. Pray for us.

Uganda has had 91,355 COVID-19 cases, 71,750 recovered and 2,483 deaths registered to date. It has been intense in the past few weeks. Fewer cases are being registered but that doesn’t give much hope that lockdown will be lifted.

We kindly request you to continue donating so that we can reach out to people in the coming weeks. We will share more updates later in August.

Thank you so much for your continued support!