I will be making 38 on January 19…here’s my WISH

Dear friends and supporters, my birthday is January 19, and my wish is to make a home for Phoebe. We need $4,628 USD.

Let me tell you about her. Phoebe (19) accidentally fell off a mango tree in June 2018 while collecting firewood. She got pieced by a tree trunk. She also received a wound on her bum that has still not healed after all this time.

Eva Huber has been supporting her since early 2019 and asked me to help monitor and coordinate Phoebe’s care. Kathryn and Samantha also contributed in 2020 to help with food, cloths and money for treatment.

Unfortunately, Phoebe’s health isn’t improving.

Phoebe currently lives in Sironko district, Uganda, with her sisters in a single room house. Eva hired a local nurse to treat her there (changing catheters, cleaning and dressing the wound, and providing general treatment), but she doesn’t come consistently, and sometimes goes a week without treating/cleaning the wound.

During my last visit with Phoebe in October 2020, one of our PCEF-sponsored Nurses accompanied me. We realized that Phoebe needs much more consistent medical attention to heal. She also needs a physiotherapist.

Our goal is for Phoebe to move to Amor village where she can receive better care and treatment under closer supervision. Additionally, after her health improves, she will be able to use her tailoring skills to earn money by making school uniforms for Portland Schools using the electric hand sewing machine Eva bought her in 2019.

Toward this end, with support from Eva, we started building Phoebe a house in Amor village on November 25, 2020. It has already been roofed, but we still need to plaster it, fix plumbing systems with a water tank tower, a customized toilet system for her to use independently, and install solar power that can run her tailoring machine since there’s no electricity in Amor village. We also need windows and doors, as well as bedding and basic household items. We are building a strong permanent house, comfortable and hygienic enough for Phoebe and her caretaker.

The beddings and household things can come later, but right now we need $4,628 USD to finish the construction work and installation of solar power.

If you would care to make a donation to help us reach this goal, Eva has created a fund-raiser https://www.gofundme.com/f/projekt-pce-foundation-in-uganda. Alternately, you could donate directly through our Donate page.

I want you to know that behind this beautiful smile is someone who constantly says: “Aunt Beatrice I just want to die because I am useless in this world.” “Why did God create me?” “I feel lonely and helpless.”

Phoebe is frustrated. We feel her pain and want to help her. We want to make life meaningful for her. We want to empower her. Please help us build Phoebe a home. We want to get it finished before the end of February so that she can begin getting proper treatment and start her journey to Independence.

P.S. We appreciate Eva for her incredible efforts this far. We also appreciate Kathryn and Samantha who have helped to supplement Eva’s support!

Kind regards,