Announcing our partnership with Delilah Boutique


PCE Foundation is proud to announce a new partnership with Delilah Boutique, an online fashion retailer based in California, USA. Delilah’s founder, Caitlin Sierra, places a high value on social responsibility, so she has offered to donate US$1 from every purchase to PCE Foundation and promote our cause on the company’s website.

About Delilah Boutique:

Started by Caitlin Sierra, Delilah Boutique has the ethos that women should feel incredible in their clothing. No matter their shape, income or style. Delilah women can all look as though they are ready to take on the world.

With a background in fashion design, and over decade of experience in the fashion industry, Caitlin has an innate sense of style that has seen her spread her wings beyond her home country and to the US where she aims to set her entrepreneurial streak to work. Delilah Boutique’s garments are classic with a twist – worn by those women who catch your eye and your hearts.

Delilah is an online fashion retailer where there are no boundaries – shipping internationally, and free within the United States. The designs are the latest catwalk inspirations and offer a mix of fashion-forward and classically chic wardrobe essentials.

As a California-based business, the concept of customer service is at the heart of everything the company does. From the moment a woman clicks on the item of her dreams she is taken on a journey that brings excitement, anticipation and delight together at the end of the fingertips.

We extend special thanks to one of our RGCM mentors, Estelle, who helped foster this partnership. We look forward to working with Caitlin and Delilah Boutique, and are deeply grateful for all the support we receive.

Visit Delilah Boutique at