Annabelle Herrmann rallies her school to support RGCM

Annabelle at Dolotia's home

Rita and Annabelle visiting Dolotia’s (fourth from left) home during their trip to Kisoko

In 2013, Annabelle Herrmann, now 13 years of age, visited Kisoko with her mother, RGCM mentor Rita Reutner. After seeing the conditions in which rural girls have to live and realizing that they are often forced to marry very young as there is no money to send them to school, she felt the need to become actively involved. At her school, The International School at Neustadt (ISN) in Germany, all students must complete a Creativity-Action-Service (CAS) project as part of their curriculum. Annebelle defined her CAS project to be working for RGCM.

She persuaded her class mates to mentor one of the girls in Kisoko, and since 2013 they have raised money for Dolotia by selling drinks and cakes at school, as well as in a stall at the Neustadt Christmas market. Annabelle also uses every possible event to promote RGCM and find new mentors.

Annabelle and Maren presenting at Drink for a Cause

Annabelle and her friend Maren presented their project as one of four featured at this years “Drink for a Cause” event at ISN.

To honor this girl’s dedication, her father donated €3 000 to PCE Foundation. This money will be used to pay school fees for mentees without a mentor or with partial mentorship.

“Education is the weapon against poverty” –Annabelle Herrmann