Lisa and FamilyHow did you hear about PCE Foundation and the RGCM Uganda project?

Through a friend that knew Bea, and my daughter wanted to be involved with something in Africa so she could go and work and visit. Which she has done twice.

What made you decide to sponsor a girl’s education?

My daughter Liv got involved and I couldn’t help myself, I just had to help these poor girls, so I now sponsor Akello Mary. She is a bit of a class clown, I think, but she is working very hard to get good marks.

How has being a mentor had an impact on you and your family?

With having Liv and I with a girl each has changed how we all look at the world, we are very lucky in the life that we live, and the program has shown how hard these girls’ lives are without us. I have sponsored the girls with sanitary pads every year since I have been in the program, as I have 3 girls of my own and know how important this part of their lives is. My family and I spent a month buying new underwear for the girls too as they only had two pairs each, and we boxed them up and sent them over. This was a very rewarding time in our lives.

What is your level of involvement with your mentee?

Well at the start I was very involved, but this past year I have now been well and have not been as involved. Last year Liv and I traveled to Uganda and spent 3 weeks with Bea and our girls. It was wonderful to meet them in person and their families, we went to their schools. We stayed in the village, we brought them gifts from home. I wanted to meet every mother that had a girl in the program to talk to them about how important it was for their child to be in the program and how important it was that they as parents should play a role in their daughters life and the program. I managed to get around to about 95% of the mothers and families. It was a trip of a lifetime.