DSC01345 - KopieHow did you hear about PCE Foundation and the RGCM Uganda project?

I have heard about the PCE Foundation and the RGCM Uganda Poject from a friend of my mother. She knew, that I was looking for a sponsoring program for a while, so she told me about it. I’m studying to become a special education teacher and I felt, that I wanted to do more for the education of those, who weren’t as lucky as I was, to have a good education and all the oportunities to go to school and later university. For me it felt like the right thing to do, to give something back.

How has being a mentor had an impact on you and your family?

My family and I are always excited when we recieve a letter from Uganda. My parents support me with the mentorship as well, and they are always curious about my mentee’s life, the school and everything. And I have the feeling that we also gain something from supporting a girl. It is good to know, that she can go to school and has the chance to live her dreams she has got for the future. And having the opportunity to Skype with her every end of the term makes it more real than it would be with any other program. To see her smile and listen to her voice as if she would sit beside me, while talking about the latest news, is just incredible. It makes me happy every time, and also grateful to be part of that project.