Eunice's presents & lettersHow did you hear about PCE Foundation and the RGCM Uganda project?

I heard about the project from a colleague who was leaving to go to Uganda to visit a girl she sponsored to attend school. I was very interested in how she was supporting a young Ugandan woman from an impoverished background to attend school. She gave me Beatrice’s email address and I wrote to her to find out how the project was conducted and what was involved to help.

What made you decide to sponsor a girl’s education?

I had been looking for a charity to support and didn’t want to go through the big charities as not all the money goes toward the person you are helping. I read the information about the girls’ situation in Uganda and couldn’t believe the way the girls were married off and education was not priority. I personally believe that through education you can improve your life, no matter where you live. I read Eunice’s details and they really resonated with me and I knew she was the girl for me to support. So I contacted Bea and have been supporting her for 2 years and will continue to do so.

How has being a mentor had an impact on you and your family?

Sponsoring Eunice has had a huge impact on my family and friends. It has raised their awareness of the plight of girls in third world countries. We are excited when a new letter comes in the mail and we look forward to opening each letter to find out what she has been up to and how her life is going. It is always interesting to hear what has been happening with her family as well. Eunice has sent me many letters and they often contain hand drawn pictures which are very beautiful. She is a very talented girl and I love reading about how she has grown a bit more each time she writes to me. Recently Bea gave Eunice a challenge to start a business to get some pocket money. Eunice collected and sold secondhand shoes and made some money for herself. I am very proud of all she has achieved.

What is your level of involvement with your mentee?

I am actively involved with my mentee. We write to each other quite often throughout the year. I tell Eunice all that I and my family have been up to and include pictures so she knows what we all look like. I have sent her presents for her birthday and Christmas both years which contained books about Australia and Melbourne where I am from, items I have bought for her while I was on holiday, clothes, pens, writing books and many other items. I would love to come and visit one day and I’m saving up to be able to do this.