Amor Village Library Project

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The Amor Village Library and Community Center has been a dream of the community for many years. Through several funding campaigns and the continued generosity of our donors, we made great progress, but ultimately the project was not successful in fulfilling our original vision.

In response to this situation, as well as to the rising cost of tuition at secondary schools in the cities, we decided to focus instead on creating Portland High School. We were able to fund the completion of the library building to serve as Portland High School, to meet the needs of the students who graduate from Portland Primary school, but who cannot afford to continue at a city secondary school. 

Read more at the Portland High School page!

The original purposes of the Community Library and Meeting Hall project were:

  • To serve generations of students, teachers, and tutors from over 48 schools.  We expect that it will benefit over 5000 students a year.
  • To allow parents, community leaders and school representatives to meet to discuss and resolve important community issues, including girls’ education, farming initiatives, health issues, parenting, micro-finance, and more. In the past, these meetings were held under a tree and were often disrupted by weather.
  • To provide a location to hold training workshops and facilitate research.

We hope one day to build an independent structure for Portland High School and turn the community hall and library building to serve its original purpose.