Martha Abbo

My name is Abbo Martha, I am 21 years old.

I joined nursing in May 2016, that is Mityana Institute of Nursing and Midwifery.

Before I went for this course, I used to think Nurses only do give medications to their patients and that is all they are supposed to do until when I joined this field that I realized how interesting nursing is.

When I went for my practice in Mityana Hospital for the first time, I was allocated in the maternity ward which I had never entered before. I watched mothers deliver and I was so impressed by this. This experience made me love my mother the more all mothers around the world. Although I am not a midwife, I LOVE working in Maternity ward because I want to see every woman deliver safely.

Working in Theatre was so scare to me. I observed caesarean section and almost fainted but after a few days, I got used and could even assist the surgeon when carrying out operations. I used to fear so much seeing a dead body, when someone dies in my community.

The second allocation, I was taken to Kiboga district referral hospital and worked in the male ward. My first day in the ward we received three dead bodies after an accident in the nearby trading center. I and other two student nurses were told to carry out last office (preparing the dead bodies) and after that, we had to observe postmortem as being done by the doctor.

I was so afraid and had a lot of nightmares BUT as the saying goes “EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER”, I learnt and got used to all these.

Our college Motto says “LOVE AND SERVE” indeed I love nursing so much and I do not regret joining this course.

I encourage others to also join and we help the world.

My great thanks goes to Auntie Ritu, my sponsor from the United States of America and the Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation for supporting in school.

Lots of Love,