Josephine Nyamwenge

Josephine Nyamwenge (48), a mother of 6 children, appreciates the gift of chickens donated to her family early this year. Josephine is active in a small household poultry farming project which is helping to generate income.

“I have been digging for other people to earn income. I believe this will end soon because I can make a living out of my poultry. I am very grateful to Denise for all that she is doing for my family. I pray for her every day. I will be in position to support my other children in school too. I have a big dream for my poultry project,” she said.

Josephine is a widow living with HIV. Her husband was a witch doctor, who married over 30 women and left behind over 80 children. Most of these children are just sitting in the village, not attending school. Moreen (18), Josephine’s daughter, is very lucky to be sponsored under our RGCM project. Although Moreen is happy about her education and sponsorship, she worries about the heavy responsibilities ahead of her.

During the August 2016 PCE Foundation Community meeting, the parents and guardians of the sponsored students decided to start home-based poultry farming as an income-generating activity. The weather in Uganda was extremely dry in 2016, resulting in failed crops and starvation in the rural areas. It was felt that poultry farming would provide fresh eggs and meat to eat, as well as serving as a source of income. As a first step, the group voted to make it mandatory for all the parents and guardians of the sponsored students to build chicken coops in each mentee’s household. Most of the families now have chicken coops; however, the birds are mostly on free range, to minimize the cost of maintenance. Josephine keeps her birds on free range.