Catherine Alowo

Six years ago, Catherine Alowo had few prospects – her father died of HIV and her mother, Rebecca, was very ill, illiterate, and had no job whatsoever or any earnings from the government, but had two daughters in secondary school and a son in primary school. We started supporting Catherine and her sister Felisters, and they became two of the 40 girls we supported in the first year of our operation as a grassroots NGO.

Catherine’s dream when she started with our program was to become a doctor, and she has recently finished her clinical exams at Mubende Hospital. Her sister Felisters is graduating this year with a bachelor’s degree in economics. We are so proud of them both!

Rebecca is alive today, and has so much energy and hope, because her children are in school and are finding their own places in the world.

Here is a letter from Catherine:

Hello from the pearl of Africa!

I do hope this finds everyone in the best of health and progress with life. Am doing well, just finished my clinical exams from Mubende Hospital it was good and hope for the best results.

I was there for two months and learnt alot, grew more stronger emotionally and physical and gained much more confidence in dealing with patients. My most area of interest was emergency though operated in all wards. All seriously ill patients would first station at the emergency for triage and first aid untill they are stable to be in their respective wards ie peadiatric, male and female medical ward, surgical and obstetric and gynecology ward. I encountered several emergency cases and learnt how manage them for example shock due to different cause, convulsions more commonly in children, Road traffic accidents and much more.

For the very first time, i learnt how to stitch certain wounds, perform vaginal evacuation, dress very big wounds and amputations both upper and conducted several deliveries as well!

I realised the most common diseases in children were malnutrition, pneumonia, acute watery diarrhea and malaria which are all preventable! In medical, HIV/AIDS coexisting with other conditions and sepsis in postnatal ward.This all can be prevented and reduced but i see still a gap between both patients and health personells that i hope it can be bridged up with time and patient care maximised. My dream in the near future is to put up a model hospital where patient care is a key priority and maximised and this can all start with a small clinic as soon as possible. My joy deeply lies in the smiles of the initially sad faces, though we can not save everyone but we can try to save as many as we can.

Am right in kampala which is quite hot ( too sunny) and spending already my one week holiday. Our lectures for this semester start in a week’s time from now . This time round we have research as one of our courses since its one of the qualifying requirements for the program. My research topic is focusing at hospital acquired infections among children in the same training site(Mubende hospital). I chose this because i witnessed some of the cases, child is admitted with severe malaria but ends up with pneumonia too!

Its all exciting to see the destiny of this journey and am too thankful for what you have made me today. From a little hopeless rural girl with a dream to an ambitous doctor with vision. Just cant thank you enough but you will always remain the angels of my life.

Will leave it here and pray the very best for you all.

Hugs and cheers,

Catherine Alowo.