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Most rural Ugandan girls are unable to complete high school; only 0.5% will receive any post-secondary education. This lack of opportunity is due to the effects of chronic poverty, HIV, cultural beliefs that education is “wasted” on girls, long-distance walks to schools, lack of sanitary support, domestic violence, and other challenges.

Although these girls currently live in situations that give them little hope for a future that doesn’t include poverty or marriage at a young age, they have dreams of becoming educated, independent women who can effect change in Uganda in a variety of ways.

The Rural Girl Child Mentorship Uganda (RGCM Uganda) Project is a growing girl-to-mentor global nonprofit mentorship program designed to help poor rural Ugandan girls attend school and work toward achieving their dreams. Each rural Ugandan girl is connected with a mentor who pays her school fees at the Secondary and Tertiary/ University levels and also helps nurture her vision for a brighter future. The program has been supporting young women since January 2012, and currently supports 103 girls and 5 boys. There are also over 1,600 pending applications from highly motivated but deeply impoverished girls who still await financial support.

As we continue to secure funding for the RGCM Project, we hope to promote sustainable, community-driven change. The families of the girls we serve have already become invested in the program, working together with us to support the education of their children. We are very grateful to the mentors, schools, and organizations who have joined us from across the globe to help Ugandan girls unlock their potential and make lasting positive changes in their communities.

Beatrice Achieng, the founder of the PCE Foundation, is a living testament to the power of mentorship. For more information about her story, click here.

For more information about becoming a mentor, click here.

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