Portland High School

Due to increasing fees in city schools, we have decided to refocus our efforts from the Amor Village Community Center and Library into a high school. The construction of Portland High school kicked off in June 2019 with generous support and the non-interest loan from Hans-Joachim Herrmann Stiftung worth 15,000 Euros and a donation of 10,000 Euros. We invested every penny in the construction work from June 2019 to-date.

Allow us to acknowledge the following donations and support from different individuals that summed up with Hans-Joachim Herrmann Stiftung to completion of the construction, provision of 101 desks, lab equipment and school supplies to the end of the year; Karen B, Kelly S, Anita B, Citizen H, Eva H, Ellen S, Pieter (PJ), Barbara R, Samantha B, Krystina and Asmund K, Natasha S, Terre B, Joyce F, Robin and Geoff H, Ted and Lindsey C, Max Y, Shelby Y, Lisa B and each and every one I might have forgotten to list here, thank you so much for helping us start a High school in Amor village!

Our long term goal is to keep the village library and community center functional as well as have an independent high school premises.

If you support our vision of affordable, local education for the children of rural Uganda, please consider making a donation!