Pen Pal Programs

Exchanging letters provides a wonderful opportunity to promote peace and empowerment among rural girls and boys in the communities where the PCE Foundation operates (Tororo and Buteleja Districts).  Students in rural schools of Uganda have very little contact with people outside their communities. Exchanging letters with students of totally different cultures and beliefs broadens the world view of students on both sides of the communications.

PeacePal Letter Exchange

PeacePal is our partner in this project, giving full support in the coordination of the students from various schools as well as the collection and delivery of letters to and from the participating students of Petta Community School, Mahanga Senior Secondary School, St. James Comprehensive Senior Secondary School, Macemiliano Memorial School, and Rubongi Senior Secondary School.   At this time, 50 students have been matched with students in the United States and are exchanging letters.

Our major challenge with this project is that the Ugandan girls get married and/or drop out of school, leaving their PeacePals to wonder what happened to them.  This usually occurs because of poverty and the lack of funds for continued education. We have lost over 30 Ugandan correspondents because of this, but have continuously found replacements for those who have gotten married and/or left school. This project falls under the Schools and Community Sensitization and Empowerment (SCSE) Project, which is aimed at helping the community to understand and appreciate the value of education.

We are still looking for more partners (schools) from across the globe for letter exchanges with students in rural Ugandan schools.