Susanne Starke_cropHow did you hear about PCE Foundation and the RGCM Uganda project?

I got a newsletter that mentioned the RGCM Uganda project. It contained a link to a description of the project on the Worldpulse website, so I became interested and decided to write an e-mail to its founder Beatrice to find out more.

What made you decide to sponsor a girl’s education?

Because I want to support girls’ education. Girls and women have a lot of problems in this world and often no access to good education. I am thankful that I got a good education and therefore I wish to help others and give something back.

What is your level of involvement with your mentee?

My mentee and me exchange letters every few months and I am also in contact via email and skype with Beatrice. Recently I could also skype with my mentee herself. My headphone did not work well, so she could not hear me, but we enjoyed being able to see each other a lot. She is a very jolly girl and I m glad she found her way and will become a teacher when she finishes school. I’m also very happy to hear about recent developments of the programme and how parents get involved and the whole village, too. So it’s not only about sponsoring just one girl, but enabling the whole community to improve their lives.