Donor Recognition

We are so grateful to all of our donors, as even the smallest contribution helps us improve the community we serve and boosts our spirits knowing we have one more supporter in the world. We would be unable to accomplish our goals without your support, and we thank those who have contributed to our vision through their gifts.

Amor Community Hall & Library Donors

Phase II of the Amor Library project is still ongoing, but we would like to extend our great thanks to everyone who has helped fund the project so far.

Donor: The MacEwan Global Education Fund
Grant Amount: CA$6 000

Donor: Joana Dias’ Fundraising Efforts
Funding: CA$1 656

Behavior Change Materials for Portland School – Uganda

Donor: The Pollination Project
Grant Amount: US$1 000
Grant Amount Received so far: US$400

This project will save and improve lives by providing materials that communicate good practices about hygiene, sex education, child abuse and environmental management. Amor Village, where the Portland school is located, suffers from poor hygiene, has a lack of sex education and a high rate of HIV/AIDS, in addition to a high rate of child abuse and poor environmental management.
The US$400 grant we received in January 2016 enabled us to purchase and install a lockable notice board and two trashcans in the Portland School.

The next grant installment worth US$600 will help us purchase and install the fifteen metallic posters and a third trashcan. We will also be able to purchase the soap, pins, nails and ropes that will be needed to build twelve hand washing stations. We are very grateful for the Pollination project!

Seven-room Block and a Water well for Portland School

Donor: Mi Corazon and Ms Ingrid van Thiel-Sluiter
Grant Amount: €13 000
Grant Amount Received so far: €7 456.50

The Netherlands-based Mi Corazon Foundation and its Director Ms Ingrid van Thiel-Sluiter is funding five classrooms, a school office and a store, as well as a water well. When this construction project is complete, The Portland School will be a complete school and will be able to accommodate 440 children and at least ten teachers in the ten classroom blocks. The Portland Nursery and Primary school, Amor village community members and the Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation are very grateful the generous support from the Mi Corazon Foundation and Miss Ingrid van Thiel-Sluiter!

In addition to the Mi Corazon funding, Bemmel en Haalderen and Stichting LMStandard Supports of the Netherlands donated €2500 and €1000 respectively, for making the windows and doors and painting the Portland school. Thank you so much!

Mandazi Bake Sale to provide Desks for Portland School

Donors: Robert Sonderen and Mariëlle Milder
Grant Amount: €516

Robert and Mariëlle donated the proceeds from the sale of mandazi, a kind of Ugandan doughnut. These funds helped us purchase 18 desks for the Portland School.

Mango and Flower Project at Portland School

Donor: Barbara Rintala
Grant: Tree seedlings – 159 mangoes, 11 oranges and 200 flowers

In December 2015, Barbara Rintala donated 159 mango tree seedlings, 11 orange seedlings and 200 flower trees for Portland school. Barbara came to Uganda with the Mighty Fingers Facing Change Project team who spent 9 days with us. The project organizes collaborative art projects for adolescent girls around the world in order to inspire, empower and connect the next generation of change-makers.

Other Donations

  • Recognizing some of the basic sanitary and health challenges that can pose an obstacle to successful education, Australians Lisa and Olivia donated 208 pairs of knickers, 135 packs of reusable AFRIpads, and 67 water bottles. On a recent visit to Uganda, Lisa and Olivia worked with Sharon, Laurinda, and Wendy to initiate a community library through the donation of furniture and textbooks.
  • Gisela lobbied for funding from the AWD Foundation in Germany to secure medical checkups for all girls participating in the mentorship project.
  • In addition to coordinating donations in her region, Rita of Germany and her daughter Annabelle have purchased seeds, fertilizer, and farming supplies to support self-sufficiency in the girls’ communities.
  • Charli of Australia donated 38 diaries, which the girls have used to record their personal narratives.
  • Jana successfully lobbied for bowls and cups for the girls from Humanitäre Hilfe für Uganda Verl of Germany. Jana and Jens have also donated €300 for the purchase of new black school shoes and graph books, art books and notebooks for the girls.
  • Amy donated 60 watches to the project. Watches are mandatory in the girls’ schools for timekeeping purposes, so these were badly needed.
  • Shelby of the United States donated funds to purchase textbooks for girls in Advanced Level classes. She gives monthly donations to the program to assist with administrative costs.
  • Jeremy and Katherine donated a camera and textbooks to the project. Most of the pictures on this website would not exist without their generosity, and the textbooks have been put to proper use in the Community Library, accessible by over 72 students.